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Veterinary Specialists
by your side

VetCrew has selected a group of Board-certified European and American Veterinary Specialists to provide assistance with the most complex clinical cases.

VetCrew allows you to:

  • take advantage of a teleconsulting service when the client cannot face the costs of a transfer to a referral clinic

  • access the service from your clinic, from home, or your smartphone

  • deepen your clinical knowledge and interests.

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How does VetCrew telehealth work?

Fill out the form with your data via the link below or on the pages of the individual disciplines and consultants: we will set the date and time for

a video call via Zoom.

After having sent us infos on salient aspects of the visit before the video call, you can:

-video call in the presence of your patient, or after having examined him/her

-discuss diagnostic procedures and therapeutic options

-advice or supply state-of-the-art diagnostic and treatment options directly to the owner

At the end of the call, a shorter follow up appointment will be scheduled to discuss where you are at.

You will be provided with an information sheet to explain to the owner the role and the limitations of the veterinary specialist and the visit via telemedicine.

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Internal medicine
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